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So I'm watching ESPN's 1st and 10 thing, with two guys I've never heard of, Jay Crawford, and Skip Bayliss, and all the sudden they start talking Yankees! On ESPN! When did that start? Anyways, the point most hammered about why the Sox will hold off the Yanks? The former plays the "lowly Devil Rays" 12 times, less than the Yankees.

I could go into a rant how I hate ESPN, rah, rah, Rays pride, but I won't, because inn two years Bayliss will be blowing mary jane smoke in Kazmir, and his 'boy' David Price's direction (remember Bayliss is a notorious Vanderbilt homer), oh and these three find 'Dictator Goodell' either A) funny or B) original, what the hell ESPN? What happened to you?

In case you hadn't realized, and I hadn't, last Saturday marked the one year mark of my writing on DRB. Amazing to me since it hasn't felt like I've been on the site 365 days, here's to another few three-six-fives. Oh and thanks to Matt, Patrick, Tyler, David, you readers, and of course Jake; I think I've grown as a writer and more importantly a baseball "analyst", that's thanks to you folks.