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Five More Days of Waiting Games

CABRERA CLAIMED: The Rays didn't sign RHP Fernando Cabrera as a free agent Monday. They claimed him on release waivers instead - keeping him from hitting the open market, at least for now.

Cabrera has five days to decide whether to accept and join the Rays or decline and become a free agent (and, in theory, still could sign a new deal with the Rays).

It didn't cost the Rays much to try it this way, as his salary of $391,800 (which they would be responsible for the remainder of) is only slightly more than the major-league minimum, and the claim costs $1. Cabrera, let go by Cleveland last week after going 1-2 with a 5.61 ERA, is out of options, so the Rays would have to keep him on the big-league roster.

That says it all, so instead of expanding; saying how Cabrera was a future closer in waiting just last year and is only 25 (26 in November) we'll just fiddle our thumbs and post this picture again: