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Final Draft / Signed List

The Rays signed 29 of their 50 picks, the final list is after the jump.

David Price    LHP
Will Kline    RHP
Nick Barnese    RHP
Dannny Newman    LHP
Dustin Biell    OF
Emeel Salem    OF
Reid Fronk    OF
Matt Moore    LHP
Cody Cipriano    2B
Greg Sexton    3B
D.J. Jones    OF
Stephen Vogt    C/OF
Brian Flores    LHP
Kyle Ayers    RHP
Mike Southern    RHP
Josh Johnson    RHP
Joey Dettrich    LHP
Kevin Boggan    RHP
Chris Luck    RHP
Kevin Brophy    RHP
John Baird    RHP
Justin Garcia    RHP
John Mollicone    C
Ben Humphrey    1B
Joseph Cruz    RHP
Kevin Chavez    RHP
Robert Della Grotta    RHP
Jesse Darcy    RHP
Austin Hinkle    RHP