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The Gooz is Loose?

Eduardo Encina chimed in with his thoughts on who will get the call, assuming Ben Zobrist goes to the DL; and he suggests Joel Guzman. I suppose he's better than Jorge Velandia, and three more weeks of Durham can't hurt Evan Longoria, plus we should probably see if Guz's strategy of either: a) striking out or  b) hitting a 500 foot bomb will fly or die in the big leagues, with the latter more likely.

Guzman is only 22, and has as many names as pro hits (Irvin Joel Vigo Guzman) next year is his last option year; meaning 2009 will be a make the team or break off the 40 man year for Guzman. If you'll remember back to the same time I was actually thinking about Stokes being a decent reliever and possible closer (hehe...oops) the Rays were really impressed with Guzman's defense at third base, not sure he's really an option anywhere but the corner infield and outfield, which would leave a hole in the backup middle infield and would seemingly guarantee either Elliot Johnson or Jorge Velandia a call up as well, but it could spell the end of days for Greg Norton, and thus making a platoon with Jonny Gomes smart; Gomes hammers lefties, and Guz slays righties:

Gomes career
LHP .295/.399/.541
RHP .227/.313/.446

Guzman 2007
LHP .214/.257/.408
RHP .252/.290/.410

I think it would be safe to assume the Rays would have -- and by no means am I over exaggerating -- the biggest boom or bust platoon in baseball. Either they're going to strikeout or hit 500 foot bombs, although Gomes does understand the concept of a walk.

If nothing else it would show that we got something in return for trading Julio Lugo to the Red Sox and Aubrey Huff and Danys Baez to the Orioles, right Dan Sileo? Except you know, we didn't.

Update [2007-8-19 13:7:45 by R.J. Anderson]: Guz is here, Zoey to the DL