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Tampa Fans Are Morons: 256th Edition

Checking out Topkin's Schilling piece and I decided to check out the comments; expecting some slobbering Red Sox goobers saying how the Rays can't afford him and so on. Instead I've come to reassure that a percent of Tampa fans are bloody morons:

by Mike        08/22/07 11:38 AM

Expert analysis really, great opinion.
by Jeremy        08/22/07 11:13 AM
You want to destroy the fuzzy feeling that what few fans still go have for the Rays?...sign Schilling, I know I'd never go back! And hopefully ownership realizes that most of us would be insulted by their quick buy ticket pumper upper.

Fuzzy feeling?
by Dennis        08/22/07 10:58 AM
While the Rays could use a veteran presence, this is not likely it. If he is good enough to pitch next year, the Red Sox will sign him, if he is not, he is sending out the feelers to steal some money from the Rays, be very careful Stu and Andrew.

Stu and Andrew should be careful, lord knows they've been had in the past, like when they gave all that money to Mark Mulder right?
by John        08/22/07 08:18 AM
Interesting comments. He could add some motivation and confidence in this young staff.

Good take, but I would've added "talent" as well...

by Dan        08/22/07 02:17 AM
Thanks but no thanks!!

Thanks but no thanks!

Is it the water or something? If you live here for a certain time your brain turns to mush? It's probably these same people who are saying no, or nothing at all, that scold the owners for not bringing in good players in the first place. That's why you gotta love this site, it honestly has a nice collection of some of the most intelligent Rays fans around, even in disagreement it's never stupid reasoning or lacking presentation.