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Is Evan Longoria the Next Jeff Bagwell? seems to think so:

van Longoria, 3B, Devil Rays: One of the most polished hitters around, Longoria batted .307-403-.528 in the Double-A Southern League and is batting .265-.413-.531 in the Triple-A International League. Overall, he is batting .302 with 25 doubles, 24 homers, 92 whiffs and 63 walks. His plate discipline is trending up dramatically (12 walks, 11 strikeouts at Triple-A Durham). At 21 years old, Longoria has solid defensive tools to go along with his bat. He's not likely to steal more than a handful of bases a year, but that's the summation of his weaknesses. He is likely to debut very soon, and he'll be vying for the starting job at third base next spring. He should be a good Rookie of the Year candidate, and he could become a star in the wink of an eye. He could be the next Jeff Bagwell (if Bagwell had stayed at third base).

It's an interesting comparison and adds to the list along with Joe Randa, Aaron Hill, and Chase Utley.