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Pitching Notes

How good have Scott Kazmir, James Shields, and Edwin Jackson been over the past month? Good enough to combine for 102.2 innings and 24 earned runs; a 2.1 ERA, with Jackson boasting the lowest of the group at 1.36.

Jason Hammel has been nearly identical to last season's totals:
2006 9 starts 44 IP 61 H 38 ER 21 BB 32 SO 7 HR
2007 7 starts 46 IP 58 H 38 ER 30 BB 34 SO 7 HR

Hammel will need to show something down the stretch or otherwise risk being a casualty of the vaunted "Out of options," label. That could lead to Hammel being dealt along with fellow fringe OOOers like Jon Switzer, Tim Corcoran, and Shawn Camp; with the latter two being possible release candidates.

Rays team ERA by months:
April 6.01
May 5.03
June 5.79
July 6.95
August 4.65

Needless to say, the infusion of bullpen help, as well as the resurgence of Kazmir and Shields, along with Jackson has turned the team around; and the nearly 6.7 bullpen ERA has shrunk to 6.25 in the four weeks since it was retooled.