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Modest Mouse is on Fire

In the past week Carlos Pena is hitting .391/.563/.957; a .563 OBP, think about that. Also I'm trying out the Modest Mouse nickname, don't think I like it all that much.

In the last month James Shields' ERA is down to 2.38, if he can throw eight scoreless innings his ERA on the season will be below four again.

52-80 is the Rays' record, it's also the Pythagorean  record based on runs scored and allowed.

Reid Brignac's OPS has risen back to .750, respectable considering his first half OPS was at .725, second half is at .790. He along with Evan Longoria, Chris Nowak (he'll replace Longoria when he heads off to join team USA), John Jaso, Evan Meek, Nick DeBarr, and Calvin Medlock will play for the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League, for those wondering: