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About Those First Three Draft Picks...

David Price: he's going to sign - just not until mid August, but there's more of a chance that the Rays re-hire Chuck LaMar than Price going unsigned, of course the thought of having the two top picks in next year's draft is somewhat intriguing, but with Pedro Alvarez (3B, Vanderbilt) and Justin Smoak (1B, South Carolina) they both profile as future first baseman or corner (likely the less abused left) outfielders.

Will Kline: Some said signability pick, but so far Kline has done what's been expected from him in Columbus. Nine innings, nine hits, two earned runs, six walks, 10 strikeouts, the only concern would be the walk totals, but half of those came in one outing.

Nick Barnese: Perhaps the most impressive draft pick thus far, 17.1 IP, 19 strikeouts, two walks, three earned runs, and 11 hits allowed; Barnese is tearing Princeton up.

Also updating you on some of our favorite prospects scattered amongst the minors:

Fernando Perez: .300/.406/.459 from the 24 year old Montgomery center fielder.

Tyree Hayes: Just eclipsed last year's inning total, but has walked more, struck out less, and allowed more hits, only 19 though.

Diego Echeverria: Numbers aren't pretty at all, but he's a young knuckleballer, and as you know, I find him extremely interesting.