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Encouraging, Very Much So

I apologize for the lack of content this week; I've been somewhat busy and you know how that goes. None the less the team has responded to my lack of activity and put together possibly the best five to six games of the season. We're now only six back of the Orioles, which let's be honest if we overtake them and hold on would give us all a feeling of joy after the hell we put up with in the first half. Everything is going the Rays way, and really how damn well has Grant "Krocodile Hunter" Balfour pitched? Guzman's impressed me in limited action, and Delmon Young is a RBI machine. Oh and that James Shields guy, yeah he's pretty good, and it looks like Kazmir and him will combine to be the only teammates with 200 innings pitched and 200 strikeouts factor in the Rays may end up leading the league in strikeouts for and against and it's really a mad world.