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Bullpen: Lucky or Good?

Few things that stick out:

  • BRIP = Base Runners per Inning Pitched (WHIP minus HRs)
  • Salas has an absurdly low BABIP.
  • Reyes is better statistically than his ERA suggests (surprise, surprise!)
  • Balfour has been better than you'd think with those numbers; in fact I'd say he could be a sub 2 ERA performer next year placed in the right role (not mop up, but not 8th inning set up)
  • Small sample size flags on Dohmann and Balfour, although as you know I really like the latter neither has a past performance of high success.
  • Glover, Stokes, Switzer; two should go and be replaced by a number of guys I could list here (Frank Cordero, Scott Linebrink, Jeremy Affeldt, Jeff Ridgway, Jeff Niemann, Mitch Talbot, ect.), and then you're really looking at a bullpen that's capable of potentially being a strength.
Thoughts? Suggestions in free agency / trades? Concerns?