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Press Button. Get Fossum.

Contest over, SRQman nailed it with C.R.E.A.M

Yes, Casey Fossum is still pitching, and yes, he still has an ERA near eight, but don't for a second think he's pitching because Joe Maddon or management truly want him as a part of the team, but rather they're auditioning him for other teams that could look beyond his ho-hum stats and zone in on his left arm, the crazy eeuphus / Fossum Flip pitch, and the hype that used to surround `Blade' (thanks Baseball-Reference) and take a chance for a relatively cheap cost. If a team picks him up, and I'm assuming the Rays would just let them have him, Fossum would be owed roughly 370K for the rest of the season, and of course the new team would have the option to buy him out for 300K this off-season. The other option for the Rays is negotiate an early buyout, throw 400K at him as well as the rest of this year's salary and Fossum would be a fool to not take free money.