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That Time of the Year, Again

As I'm sure most of the reader populous knows, Buccaneers pre-season football starts Friday night against the New England Patriots. I'm also sure most of you know two things for fact; we like the Bucs, and we hate New England, which presents us with the opportunity to cheer equally for a Bucs win, and a Patriots defeat.

We're also excited about the Lightning's new unis, because as you know we like the game on ice second best:

So with that we direct you to Buc 'Em, SBN's Buccaneer blog, you've all seen Jerry Scott, the editor, around these parts, and you may have seen us over there, he does a very nice job, and I'm sure he's got something big planned for this weekend. Oh and we're kinda in a fantasy league with him, and used a good friend of ours' fantasy guide over at Roto Junkie, I can safely say that his advice helped me avoid a certain Florida quarterback he labeled as a potential bust, it's well worth the money if you're in prize leagues or just want to have bragging rights, that or just want to protect your house...rah, rah, Rays pride.