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C.R.E.A.M 8/6/07

Not really a money related post, but I felt the need to break out the new name.

For all the talk of the attendance being down this season, looking at the numbers that's not truly the case. Last year the average crowd per game sat at 16,901 that with a new ownership group and new hope, this year that number has probably dropped quite a bit, right? Eh not so much, thus far the total sits around 16,310, and with the team's performance recently increasing I'd be willing to bet the numbers will come a lot closer to last year's than they are now. Of course that wouldn't meet the DRO's projected increase but still, raking in two of the three highest average attendance stakes since 2001 isn't such a bad thing.

Oh and for those wondering, taking away the Dodger, Sox, and Yankee home games; the average of those 47 games is around 13,550 fans and the total amount of crowds drawn to those three teams are 326,000 out of about 962,500, roughly one-third.