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Sign John McDonald

Interesting notes from Baseball Prospectus (subscribers)

Surprise! By this measure, at least, the Devil Rays are having the worst season by a pitching staff in nearly 50 years. Of course, we've but scratched the surface here, all that's possible in one column. On the macro-statistical level, we should consider defense-independent measurements of pitching to try to separate miserable pitching from miserable defense--note that the 2007 Devil Rays also rank last in our database for defensive efficiency, while Clay Davenport's Defense-Adjusted ERA (DERA) shows that the staff is nearly half a run better when considered separately from the defense.

Worst Pitching Staff by RA+, 1959-Present
Rank    Year      Team          RA+
1       2007      Devil Rays    77
2       1962      Mets          78
3       1996      Tigers        79
4       2005      Devil Rays    79
5       2005      Royals        79

You know who would fix that?

John F'n McDonald.