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Mid-Season Top 15

You may remember the pre-season prospects lists we did, perhaps not, the whole process ran amuck. Well the recent draftees have been playing for a while now, and a few of the players have `graduated' so why not take a shot at the `late-season' list?

1.    Evan Longoria - No explanation needed, he shouldn't be switched off of third, even for Iwamura. If for some reason he is, the Chase Utley comparisons go through the roof.

2.    David Price - Hasn't thrown an inning yet, but features three plus pitches, has the smooth mechanics and upside to boot. Will get signed, the MLB is hesitant at this point to approve over the slot deals with some draftees truly being un-signed.

3.    Wade Davis - Really broke out this year, unlike Jake McGee, he doesn't depend on just his fastball. Has dominated AA.

4.    Reid Brignac - Had some struggles, he's still young, and if he's not up until 2009 so be it; don't jump off his ship yet.

5.    Jacob McGee - As mentioned he's living off of his fastball, and looking at his numbers, I must ask; how ethereal is that pitch to simply live off of it?

6.    Jeff Niemann - Some injury concerns as of late, and consider he hasn't truly dominated AAA, he's still the consensus to be on the pitching staff next year; starter or reliever to save his arm.

7.    Desmond Jennings - Breakout. Forget Carl Crawford Jr., Carl wishes he had this much plate presence when he was 20, or now.

8.    Jeremy Hellickson - Great fastball / curve combo, only 19, and the Rays are being conscious with his arm.

9.    Chris Mason - Where the hell did that come from? Schooling AA, should be in AAA.

10.    Fernando Perez - Smart, fast, and has a great eye. I retract the Gathright Jr. statements, I think he could make a fine fourth outfielder, or even starter for a few years.

11.    Lewis Rollins - Great control, good stuff, might be Brad Radke Jr., or even the next Andrew Sonnanstine.

12.    Jeff Ridgway - Next year is the year he becomes this team's LOOGY.

13.    Justin Ruggiano - I really like this kid, he should be the team's fourth outfielder at the moment, but the whole `letting him learn on the farm' thing gets in the way.

14.    John Jaso - Having a good season, hopefully he can stick behind the plate.

15.    Mitch Talbot - Has had some issues this year, but at only 23, and with control of five pitches, no reason to not believe he'll contribute somehow to the organization, either as a reliever or trade bait.

The rest (no order): Sergio Pedroza, Ryan Reid, Nevin Ashley, Emeel Salem, Nick Barnese, Will Kline, Josh Butler, Ryan Royster, Joel Guzman, Reid Fronk, Calvin Medlock, Kyle Ayers, Chris Luck, Tyree Hayes, and Rhyne Hughes.