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Responding to Romano

I got the urge to ask some questions, but things didn't go as I would've hoped.

Hi John, R.J. Anderson from D-Rays Bay, quite a few of my readers have asked me to contact you about your piece, and well they bring valid points. By speaking for Delmon you're putting words into his mouth, almost baiting a temperamental kid to say or do something, and if he did say he hated you, or gave you a bird, you'd trash him, say he hasn't grown up, that the Rays should get him some help. He didn't, he waved a finger and said no, isn't that what you wanted from him, a sense of self constraint and responsibility?  

Should Delmon have gave you that interview? Perhaps, it would've been a nice thing to do,;in spite of what you've written in the past about him, but is there anything productive coming from the column other than driving a wedge between a player and a community? Delmon's never been arrested that I know of, but yet the Tampa media still treats him like he's Elijah Dukes' right hand man, both out there breaking the law day after day, I understand he's arrogant, and as you noted, that's something this team has never had.

"In Delmon's defense, he doesn't like me. If I may speak for him, and I
suppose I have to, I'd say he hates me. Which doesn't make him unique,
or even misguided."

The relationship is less than ethereal, but did you really need to talk for him? Look at Schilling and Shaughnessy up in Boston; both dislike each other, but you don't see stuff like that from Shaughnessy, or Schilling for that matter. I guess I'm asking; why from you?

 B.J. Upton is the same way, both are surly youngsters, but I don't see nearly this much distaste thrown his way, I mean where were you calling for B.J. to grow up after being arrested for a DUI? Or asking Delmon what the hell he was thinking after throwing that bat, in fact where were you when Delmon talked to this guy about a month ago:;_ylt=AoY7sAZsrACh_HrJ1J5kJXuFCLcF?slug=ap-devilrays-young&prov= ap&type=lgns

And gave this quote: "I don't really care about myself. I'm just trying to win," the 21-year-old outfielder said. "We're not in first place, we're not above .500, so it doesn't matter what I do."

I think you got your wish Mr. Romano; it's unfortunate for you that part of Delmon's maturity is, well, simply ignoring you.


RJ - DRays Bay

We'll see how, if rather he responds, I was respectful of him, hopefully he returns the courtesy, oh and yes, the thought of "If I may speak for you, and I suppose I have to, you hate me..." but I went the respectful, non sarcasm way.

Gee, what did you really think of the column?

Seriously, if you want to have a legitimate discussion of the column I'll be happy to talk to you.

If you've already decided I am beyond hope, that is cool too.

Just let me know.


Not sure why the offensive response and why you'd assume I've made up my mind when I took the time to email you, but sure if you want to have an intelligent conversation let's do so. What's up with the Delmon distaste, is it because you think he's going to put in his time and bolt, or his arrogance? Delmon's vital to keep around, consider he'll reaching the end of his arb years right around 27 / his prime, he has more upside than nearly everyone on the team (minus BJ), so I'm curious what you want him, or the team to make him do? What do you expect from him off the field? The point of the column was Delmon's nice rookie year, so why did you feel it was relevant to even discuss your relationship with him? RJ - DRays Bay

His reply

Offensive response?