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The Story of "Lefty McGee"

Per Biscuits Broadcasting Team

MONTGOMERY - Touted lefthander Jacob McGee has been promoted to the Montgomery Biscuits from Vero Beach (A-Advanced - Florida State League), the Biscuits announced today.

First off, huge hat tip to Jesse for giving the heads up to this roster move. If you're a Rays fan whose into prospects, join their mailing list because they're quick on updates. You'll get roster moves, special notices and game recaps.

Next, the NDRO seems to be altering their stance on progressing prospects from last year. Last year, they only moved 2 "big name" prosects in Longoria and Brignac. Now, they're willing to move pitching prospects when they feel they're ready(which is a nice change of pace, when Davis and McGee seemed to be wasting pitches in SW Michigan). Round of applause to the NDRO.

Finally, my thoughts on this move. I'm sorry, but I don't think that McGee will immediately match what Davis has done in Montgomery. McGee, in my mind, has a one-pitch mind when his fastball is getting hitters to make bad swings and Southern League hitters will be quick to sit on it. Remember a few weeks ago when McGee got pounded and had a 1:1 K/BB ratio? That could happen, if he fails to mix things up.