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C.R.E.A.M 8/8/07

    As mentioned last night the team designated swingman Casey Fossum for assignment, by doing so they are now responsible for the remainder of his 2.2 salary this season, as well as paying the 300K buyout for next year. I speculated the latter would take place, but didn't expect Fossum to be released so suddenly, especially when the same moves could've been made within the past two weeks, but maybe something's imminent on the waiver wire.

In case the Bonds, Glavine, and A-Rod milestones got you thinking, here are the chances that a few Rays reach some holy ground:

Carl Crawford - 3,000 hits - 31.6%
Scott Kazmir - 300 wins - 0.00% (due to average win totals)

Due to limited playing time, and therefore small sample sizes there aren't many other Rays that would qualify for a legitimate projection; if you want to check the system out for yourself, click here.

Expect the new Rays colors, logo, and name to be announced during the Buccaneers bye week (November 11th), and if you want further proof of the new name, take note of; which beginning in January will become the team's official webpage, as for the old / current Raysbaseball site you can check them out at, or thanks to old DRB running mate Jim Wisinski, also links to the new site.