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Tomfoolery and Hijinx

In case you haven't checked Jonny Gomes' Wikipedia page out lately, and you probably haven't, someone (presumably a Rays fan) has been editing his page to include such tidbits as him taking a job as a male escort, and this:

In July 2007 Gomes reportedly paid $1716 on Ebay for a petrified hot dog that Babe Ruth had once taken a bite from. Gomes apparently fancies himself as a modern day Babe and pays the equipment manager to loosen the buttons on his jersey so they will pop off when he swings and misses. The Devil Rays have allegedly saved money on the air conditioning of Tropicana Field thanks to the many breezes that Gomes provides.

Now we did some research and the user is 'JGomes31', he's responsible for these edits as well:

In his free time Gomes enjoys badminton, woodworking, flexing and attending Babylon 5 conventions.

It is rumored that Gomes picks up girls from bars three at a time brings them home and bangs them all

That old saying about Wikipedia not being a good source is apparently true if they're willing to remove factual statements like those mentioned. As far as the user, we'd like to give them a nice pat on the back for spreading the gospel, but Gomes doesn't really like pats on the back, so says his Wiki page.