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Bloody Hell...

Hat tip to a reader for informing us about what a caller on the Ron and Ian Show said regarding the Rays and first overall pick David Price. I must preface this by saying I'm not a sports radio guy, it has nothing to do with their agendas and whatnot, but I don't like listening to folks who have no clue and spout off BS about my favorite teams, with that being said sometimes I truly question what goes, if anything, through these peoples' heads when they speak.

Getting to the point this gentleman called into the show and decides he wants to talk about David Price and the Rays, fair enough, the deadline is less than a week away and unlike other sports where you hear progress about contract negotiations  you simply don't in the MLB. He blames the Rays for botching the deal (of course, it's always the Rays fault, disregard the fact that nearly no other first round pick has been signed) and says, and I'm not Elijah Dukes-ing you here...we should trade his rights before it's too late.

Folks that's ridiculous - and illegal - even more so read what Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin had to say about the idea of Price returning; something along the lines of the Beatles reuniting being more likely. Price to the Rays is a cat in the bag  and if you don't believe us saying it remember it's the 'word' according to every baseball expert around.

This brings up more bad taste for Tampa sports fans, remember Tim Brown calling them (us) goobers? Remember fans calling to 'GiveMiketheBall' despite him, uh...sucking (according to 620 he's retiring today)? You could poll 100 people who go to Lightning games I doubt more than 20 could tell you who the Bolts first draft pick was (Roman Hamrlik), and I bet you poll everybody at Raymond James Stadium tomorrow 75% of them couldn't name more than three of the Rays starters (Kaz, Shields, and Reyes are locks.) But this is what it's come to, fans, and hosts, not even knowing the rules of the league...

I need some aspirin, maybe I'll give a few to Mike as well.