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Sternberg Gives Maddon Vote of Confidence


'I don't think so, no,' Sternberg said. 'Given where we are on the scale, it's not a day-to-day thing with us. We feel pretty good about the way things are headed, and most importantly the way the players have responded. You can see the enthusiasm they've still got, even given their place in the standings, and that speaks volumes to Joe and the staff and the players themselves.'
'Depending on where we are in the timeline, wins and losses are still the ultimate barometer,' Sternberg said, 'but it wasn't the ultimate barometer when Joe started this, and while it's still paramount in what we're trying to do, it's about the preparation for the success that we expect to have happen in the near future.'

Once again, allow me to duck out of the way of this one; I think we could do better at manager, but good players are more important than who fills out a lineup card.