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Maddon v. Torre

As you all noticed, Joe Torre picked quite an opportune time to check the legality of Akinori Iwamura's bat who was locked in a 2-2 count with the youngster Ian Kennedy in a threatening situation. Joe Maddon responded to Torre's gamesmanship by having Alex Rodriguez' bat removed and later on the two exchanged words to the press. Torre played the  "I just noticed his bat was curved," line, Maddon the "It was tit for tat," line.

End point; Joe Maddon isn't going to take your manure. Props to Maddon for responding to a pretty tasteless, if smart, move by Torre. People call Maddon soft and say he's not strong enough to lead a club, but you have to respect that while he's not one to explode, kick dirt, and spit tobacco at umpires and players alike, he's simply not as naive and ignorant as some would have you believe.

As for Torre, can't say it wasn't a smart move; allowing his young pitcher to refocus without wasting a mound visit and putting the freeze on Iwamura by switching bats and going cold after about a five minute delay.