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Carl Crawford is good, 50 hits in one month, Carlos Pena is good, 33 homeruns in slightly more than 400 at-bats. That's 1.6 hits per day in the month of August, per day, not per game, and Pena is averaging a homer every 12 or so at-bats.

I'm not exactly sure what Brian Stokes has been doing lately other than sitting on the end of the bullpen bench, but you have to chalk up his inactivity, both on and off the field, to the Jean Machi theory. Simply put; the Rays are loaded to the point where teams think that any player released that is relatively young could be a steal, and next that Chuck LaMar is still running the show. Machi, Marcos Carvajal, Chris Seddon, ect. Can all be placed under this tally, none of which are making much of an impact.

Don't expect many if any September call-ups outside of Jay Witasick and potentially Raul Casanova with three of the top four minor league level teams in the playoffs.