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Rays Taking Out the Trash?

I stay away from the official boards at the Rays site because of the influx of, well, negative people. It's not that I hate realists, I don't, I do however dislike folks who think they're right about everything. With that being said it appears the Rays or someone is cleaning up the boards by removing some of the more uh...abrasive individuals. I won't mention user names because really they don't deserve it, but I commend the organization for attempting to make the message boards at least somewhat readable instead of looking at avatar pics like this every post:

Also in much, much, much sadder news, John McDonald has signed an extension with the Blue Jays; 2 years, 3.8 million, somewhat overpaid, but as you guys know I really fell in love with the idea of him being a Ray. If you'll excuse me I have a container of Ben and Jerry's and a few Lifetime original movies to weep alongside with.

Even worse; apparently Jenn Sterger has been fired from SI.