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Roiding Roses

NiShea Gilbert continues to bring Elijah Dukes name into the news every few weeks, and today is no different, although this time the charges are levied against the Rays:

Elijah Dukes has been tested for steroids by Major League Baseball and has not come up positive. The league tests players for steroids once a year in the spring. Players can be randomly tested during the season. Some performance-enhancing drugs cannot be detected by baseball's urine tests.

At the July hearing, Carey ordered Elijah Dukes to pay his wife temporary alimony of $3,300 a month, $2,800 a month in child support as well as pick up the tab for several other expenses as the divorce proceeds.

The judge also ordered Dukes to pay his wife $10,000 so she can hire a forensic certified public accountant who will determine how much he has in assets and salary. Dukes scoffed at the idea of paying $10,000 to help his wife's case.

At that hearing, Carey told Dukes that he makes significantly more money than she does and the more he wants to fight her in court, the more money it's going to cost him.

Dukes testified that he makes $380,000 a year. If he remains at that salary on Aug. 1, he will get a $150,000 bonus.

After recent troubles including a marijuana arrest and paternity suits, Dukes was optioned from the Devil Rays to their Triple-A minor-league affiliate in Durham, N.C., and placed on the temporary inactive list. If the team decides to pay him as a minor-leaguer, he testified, his salary could drop to $30,000.

I'm not claiming to know anything critical in this case, but if Dukes was on something it wasn't steroids, it was either designer drugs or HGH, ect. that doesn't make it right, but you have to think he'd use something less detectable than anabolic steroids.

It's unfortunate that these tidbits keep coming out, and I'll leave this to the legal nuts on this site, but if the charges are false can't the Rays take her to court?