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Benches Clear in Durham

After sailing a ball over a hitter, Doug Clark's head Jeff Niemann and Wes Bankston were involved in a minor confrontation that lead to no ejections, no brawls, but two benches empty.

Clark took exception to the visibly accidental locale and took up some words with manager Charlie Montoyo, singled, and had some words with Wes Bankston and Niemann from first leading Niemann to take a few steps in Clark's way, just to note Niemann is 6'9 280" Clark 6'2" 205, a slight mismatch, no?

Durham leads 5-1 in the bottom of the 8th. Niemann's night finishes just shy of 100 pitches, 99, 8 innings, six hits, one run, and nine strikeouts. Think he's trying to audition for a potential start or two after the playoffs?