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One Out, One Back

From Lancaster:

Major League Baseball today upheld the two-game suspension Carl Crawford received for his actions after being ejected from a Labor Day game against the Orioles. He'll serve the suspension tonight and tomorrow. The accompanying $1,000 fine was reduced on appeal. That must be Crawford's reward for umpire Paul Nauert so clearly blowing the call at first base that led to Crawford erupting in anger.

In addition, Rocco Baldelli is in town--though he has not been activated from the 60-day disabled list. Perhaps he'll be able to shed some light on all the intrigue that has shrouded his medical status in recent weeks. We'll pass along anything he has to say a bit later on.

Naturally it now comes out that Rocco won't play again this year, from Topkin:

"I'm not going to be playing any more this season,'' Baldelli said. "I fully plan on playing next year. ... I fully plan on being in spring training and being ready to go.''