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In a Daze

I didn't see last night's game through to the end, perhaps of the third inning, but apparently the pen erupted meanwhile Jason Hammel pitched great. I thought perhaps it was the flu medication speaking but while Edwin Jackson got a lot of attention for "turning it around" where's the love for Hammel?

In his last three starts he's got an ERA of 2.11 and has some very nice peripherals going for him. Let's not forget the guy was ranked ahead of James Shields  and Andrew Sonnanstine on most prospects lists for the past few years and if he can keep the fastball down he could become a very serviceable three or four slot starter.

As far as the pen, utterly disappointing and disgusting. I like Balfour and Wheeler and wouldn't undo those trades, but wake the hell up. I know it's a west coast trip but in the past few days our best relievers have blown the games, that's not acceptable.

We should be a game up in fourth instead we're two back, ridiculous.