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Prospect List: #5

Funny exchange between Kevin Goldstein and a chatter yesterday:

Jules (TheStatPack): So what's with you skipping out on the Ballpark Feeds at the Trop this year? First it was just Carroll, then Sheehan AND Carroll. Where's our dose of the KG?

Kevin Goldstein: They keep me in a cage here with a laptop and a cell phone. Every once in a while they open the door, ask me about some Double-A pitcher, gimme a cookie and lock me back in. Sad, really.

As you all know we as a whole like Goldstein, but even more interesting is the chatter's blog The Stat Pack covers the Rays amongst other Tampa sports. Oh and The Rays have pissed the Church of Satan off, yay!

Yesterday's victor was the long awaited righty Wade Davis, here's a summary of a scouting report from the 2006 Baseball America Prospect Handbook:

92-98 FB
Hard Curve
Sweeping Slider
Breaking ball still needs work

Running List

  1. Evan Longoria
  2. David Price
  3. Jake McGee
  4. Wade Davis
  5. Tomorrow
6-10 Next Week
11-15 Two Weeks
16-20 Three Weeks
20-25 Four Weeks

Reid Brignac
Jeff Niemann
Fernando Perez
Ryan Royster