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Rays Lock Up #1 Pick

Congrats Baltimore, you avoided the cellar somehow, again. They won, we lost, we're picking first again next year. If Patrick has his way, and believe me when I say he does, the guy wanted David Price before most of the fan base knew who the hell he was, we'll be taking Pedro Alvarez next June, coverage will be upcoming on Alvarez, Justin Smoak, and a slew of arms that could challenge for the top pick, until then, here's El Toro:

Turns out there's a possiblity of tying with Pittsburgh for the #1 pick, but we're guaranteed last place in the AL East, may as well take the worst record in baseball again for the draft pick.

I'll have a profile on Pedro Alvarez tomorrow, my favorite non-playing tidbit thus far? His other nickname is El Matatan, per Urban Dictionary that means, "Someone who has is of respect and everyone looks up to as being the man."