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Prospect List: #6

Jeff Niemann barely edged Reid Brignac for the number five spot on our list, but we're starting to run dry on other candidates, remember you guys can nominate any player within the Rays minor league system (within reason) for the next voting process.

Here's Big Red:

If healthy, Jeff is one of the very best prospects in all of baseball. His fastball ranges anywhere from the low-mid 90's. He throws over the top and gets great downward drive on his pitches. He has clean mechanics and is very smooth, especially for a guy of his size. He also throws a devestating slider which was rated as the best breaking pitch in the 2004 draft by Baseball America. In addition to his fasball and slider, he throws a spike curveball and change-up. However, his curve and change are not as consistent as his other two pitches. His control is very good and all that he needs to prove in the minors is that he can stay healthy and his arm strength is back

We'll take the weekend off (minus voting) and resume this on Monday. Also due to the shear numbers that could arise in the 25-30 range I'm thinking we should cap this at 25, but in the end it's up to you guys, input?