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Oh Boy...

Per Topkin:

Manager Joe Maddon yanked rookie RF Delmon Young from Saturday's game for not running out a sixth-inning ground ball and criticized Young for not showing respect for the game. Young responded by saying he ws being unfairly singled out and said he would not play in Sunday's finale.

Maddon had talked to Young about this issue before, and said after the game: "That was a blatant disrespect for the game and what we're about. I've had several conversations regarding that, and that was it. ... For us, for the Rays, we're going to run hard to first.''

Young said he wasn't the only one "doing it" and didn't think it was right that he was singled out. "So, I'll see you guys next year,'' he said as he walked out of the clubhouse. "I'm shut down tomorrow.''

I know that B.J. Upton also didn't run a ball out that could've been an infield single. At this point there's no accountability on the team, I applaud Maddon for making an example, but in the past few games guys like Upton and Young haven't done anything of note. Delmon's shut it down for the year for the past week.

Asked what Young’s reaction to the move was, Maddon said he didn’t know because he hadn’t had a chance to speak with Young. At that point, Young walked by outside the manager’s office, paused by the door and said, "I’m no-go tomorrow."

All that work Delmon did this year to repair his image is shot to hell.