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One Last Time

This is it guys, we started this journey in April at Yankee Stadium, we end it in Toronto, the hopes aren't nearly as high, but there's some excitement in the air:

  • Carlos Pena's 44/120 season puts him amongst names like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Rocco Domenico Colavito.
  • Carl Crawford needs Brian Roberts to tweak a hammy or go 0-fer in order to ensure he keeps the stolen base record.
  • Scott Kazmir is your MLB strikeout king, youngest since Dwight Gooden, hey how's that Zambrano guy working out?
  • Delmon Young shut himself down and generally acted like an asshole yesterday. completely unacceptable, Joe Maddon earns props, but Delmon needs to check his ego at the door.
  • Greg Norton, Jon Switzer, Brian Stokes, all are likely seeing their last game as a Ray, please don't give us more memories of these three.
  • Aki Iwamura is playing second today but I must question why this move wasn't made two weeks ago?
  • We're only a half a year away from seeing King Evan.
  • Adding a few more, who expected Scott Dohmann to be this efficient?
  • Dioner Navarro has proven some of the naysayers wrong, for a kid who went through more personal issues than you would ever wish on someone you have to be proud how he responded in the second half.
  • We really need to address the DH / SS spots this off-season, at the very least a stud defender at 6 and a guy who walks at DH, and before our Cali NY fan chimes in; no bloody way do I mean Norton, even though I will miss Norty, NORTY!