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Delmon Will Play

B.J. Upton isn't in the lineup today, which raises my brow considering Upton is also guilty of not running hard to first. Consider B.J. had all but one inning off on Friday and it's not like he's saving himself for winter ball. Joe Maddon might be making a statement here...

Update [2007-9-30 12:35:9 by R.J. Anderson]: Nevermind, this from Lancaster:

Delmon Young came to Joe Maddon this morning and initiated a discussion that included an apology for not running hard to first base on a groundout yesterday, a lapse that prompted Maddon to yank his star rookie from the game.
n other pregame news, Maddon said B.J. Upton isn’t playing today because his batting average is right at .300 and Maddon wants him to stay there. Also, Greg Norton will undergo surgery on his left (non-throwing elbow) Tuesday in Birmingham. He knows he has bone chips that need to be removed, but Dr. James Andrews will determine in an examination tomorrow whether Norton also needs to have his ulnar nerve transposed. Norton hurt his elbow on a tag play early in spring training and it has bothered him on and off all year.

Maddon also said Delmon Young will play today due to the youngster taking initiative and responsibility for his actions. Delmon's respect meter goes back up in my book.