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Prospect List: #7

After two days off we resume our list, here's a quick rundown of the top five:

  1. Evan Longoria
  2. David Price
  3. Jake McGee
  4. Wade Davis
  5. Jeff Niemann
Naturally today is number six, and it's the kid who once had his Myspace title as "The GOAT bitch", and is the object of perhaps the most memorable nickname to come from one Mr. Larsen, the Cajun God of Baseball, he's otherwise known as Reid Michael Brignac.
Brignac has a live bat with a sweet, smooth swing from the left side. Balls jump off his bat and he has natural loft in his stroke. He could produce 25-plus homers annually down the road. Brignac uses the entire field and has a plan at the plate. His speed, arm, hands and footwork are solid. He showed the mental toughness to handle a challenging assignment last year. Some scouts think Brignac lacks the athleticism to stay at shortstop, though Tampa Bay will give him every chance to prove otherwise.