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How Did One Straw Break The Camel's Back?

Here's the secret; the million other straws underneath it. With that in mind, Carlos Pena just hit a grandslam, four more runs batted in, this after reaching 99 earlier in the night. Meaning throw simple mathematics he's now at 103, making him the first 100 since Jorge Cantu's 117 in 2005. Let's hope he doesn't have a similar follow up, but 14 runs batted in away? Why is it I feel Jorge's about to kiss his record good-bye?

Gotta love Carlos.

Also thank you Mr. Fernando Cabrera for turning down our minor league deal; guy is awful.

Yeah, make that 2-2, 2 HRs, 7 RBIs. Carlos is a bad, bad, bad man. 37 HRs, 105 runs batted in.