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Rotoworld is Harsh

Good God, I love how they act like Carlos Pena was guaranteed to have a monstorous year, I can see this going another way pretty quickly if Maddon puts Pena over Norton / Gomes and he busts hard, but hey when you have a crystal ball like Rotoworld it's clearly not hindsight. Right? As far as the fundamentals I'd have to say they've improved, Delmon no longer overthrows cutoff men (as much), Upton is learning center, I can't think of any situations where the pitchers have made bad defensive plays, ect. but overall that's just brutal on Maddon.

Update [2007-9-8 22:28:51 by R.J. Anderson]: And just like that a little future shock hits with Delmon homering and Maddon using pinch hitter B.J. Upton who wins the game on a two run shot. Hmmm...Rotoworld how's that for some game management? (I know, it was a common sense move, but RW makes it sound like Maddon is brain dead at the helm.)