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Sunday Notes

From this Topkin piece, and this Topkin / Encina co-piece:

Executive VP Andrew Friedman and manager Joe Maddon will wait until after the season to decide whether to make any changes to the coaching staff.

All six coaches have contracts that expire at the end of the season, and even if all are brought back, their responsibilities and titles could change.

Interesting, you'd have to think Bobby Ramos will return, same with Steve Henderson, but as far as Tom Foley, Jim Hickey, and George Hendrick they have some clear heirs behind them in the form of Dave Martinez, Xaiver Hernandez, and potentially Fred McGriff.

Foley's had some issues when it comes to sending the runner to third or holding them, and although Carl Crawford's head was down passing second in that Minnesota game you have to wonder if Foley couldn't have been more vocal for Ben Zobrist to stay at third rather than run into a double play.

You can't blame the poor pitching on Jim Hickey, and while he did tweak Kazmir's delivery he seems to be patient when it comes to the other pitchers. Don't discount the Rays wanting to hold on to a pitching coach for more than one season; they've had three in three years.

Hendrick has two bad knees, not sure if that'll push him towards retirement but Dave Martinez seems like a logical choice after filling in for Hendrick during the first few weeks of the season.

Reaction to Maddon:

"He can't throw for us, he can't hit for us, but he brings the best out of us," first baseman Carlos Pena said. "He's the one who sets the tone as far as getting the best out of his players with his words of encouragement, with his constructive criticism, with his suggestions and his overall attitude."

Leftfielder Carl Crawford said things have been "fine so far" with Maddon and hopes even better things are ahead: "That's who they chose, so I'm hoping. You want to think that's the case. We're going to saddle up behind Joe and try to go to the next level."

Not much to comment on, although you have to like the words from Carlos it doesn't seem like he could say anything negative regarding anyone.


The poster claiming the new team colors are navy, Columbia blue and a touch of gold may be on to something. ... Oakland manager Bob Geren told the San Francisco Chronicle Pena is a good guy and all, but Shannon Stewart deserves the AL comeback player of the year award because it "should go to someone who is coming back from an injury.

Doesn't shock me that Geren would stand up for his player, and we'll have to get Matt to yay or nay the colors scheme. Bombard that man with emails folks.