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Rays Hire Bogar

Topkin, the main piece focuses on Joe Maddon's expectation of getting at least 81 wins, but the meat is in the notes section:

  • Former big-leaguer Tim Bogar was hired as an additional "quality assurance" coach. He will compile advance scouting information, work pregame with players on bunting and baserunning and spend the games in the stands analyzing the team's play. Bogar is charged with keeping the Rays "ahead of our own mistakes," Maddon said.
  • Friedman said he will "be surprised" if the Rays don't settle their four remaining arbitration cases (Gomes, Kazmir, Pena and Wheeler) before their self-imposed deadline of Jan. 18, when figures are to be exchanged. Friedman's policy is that once figures are filed negotiations cease and they go to a hearing.

Other notes: It looks like April 22-24's series against Toronto will take place in Orlando, the Rays re-hired Bill Evers, and the fantastic four of Longoria, Davis, McGee, and Reid Brignac were invited to big league camp for spring training along with Jake's favorite pitching prospect; Christopher Mason.