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Longoria To Know Fate Before ST?

According to Lancaster, 3B Evan Longoria will possibly know whether or not he will start the season in Triple-A Durham or with the Rays before the start of Spring Training. Lancaster's full article can be seen here

The Rays front office is contemplating making this early decision to alleviate any pressure Evan would have surrounding him, heading intro Spring Training. They feel if he doesn't have to worry about his position, it will fully allow him to focus on the game.

While many can't wait to see Evan in the new Rays uniforms on opening day. It may not be the worst thing, to allow him around a month's worth of time in Durham. After the success of Ryan Braun for the Brewers and the struggles of Alex Gordon for the Royals, the Rays may be inclined to play it safe and let the youngster build up some confidence.

On a side note, Bill Evers will remain with the team in a professional scout capacity, after his contract was not renewed as bench coach this season.