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Community Projections: Carl Crawford

AB      H       1B      2B      3B      HR      BB      HBP     K       SB      BA      OBP     SLG     OPS
547 177 121 29 10 17 43 4 82 43 .323 .377 .506 .884

The projections were a bit too optimistic - like Carl hitting .360 - so I trimmed everything minus at-bats back by 10% to get the projection numbers, if I see something as pesstimistic I'll up everything by 10% - like Navarro hitting .130 or something.

Yes, it's that time of the year again, only this year we're actually going to do this the right way. Beginning today we'll do a community projection for a handful of Rays' players, today we begin with Carl Crawford.

To partake all you need to do is post your educated guesses on the following stats:

Don't worry about the slash stats, I'll make sure they match up to the numbers guessed elsewhere, it's just a matter of those core statistics that I plan on compiling and averaging out. Only two rules: 1. fill out each of those categories, 2. be realistic - Crawford isn't going to hit 50 homeruns and Pena isn't going to steal 30 bases.

After I do the figures I'll make a post on each and we'll include a link to the projections on the sidebar for easy future reference.