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Sickels' 2007 50/50 Lists Re-Examined

Our colleague John Sickels has posted two reviews of his 50/50 list - the 50 best hitters and 50 best pitchers - and being that we're as rich as Croesus in the prospect department why not take a look at what Sickels says?

2) Matt Garza, RHP, Minnesota Twins
     Went 5-7, 3.69 with a 67/32 K/BB in 83 innings for the Twins. Now traded to Tampa Bay. Like Hughes, assuming he stays healthy he should be really good.

18) Jacob McGee, LHP, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
       Combined 8-6, 3.15 with 175/52 K/BB in 140 innings between Class A Vero Beach and Double-A Montgomery. Solidified status as one of top southpaws in the minors.

23) Wade Davis, RHP, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
       Combined to go 10-3, 2.50 with 169/51 K/BB in 158 innings between Vero Beach and Montgomery. A very fine prospect, one of many in the pitching-rich Tampa Bay system.

26) Jeff Niemann, RHP, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
      Went 12-6, 3.98 with 123/46 K/BB in 131 innings for Triple-A Durham. Should be a good inning-eater.

36) Mitch Talbot, RHP, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
      Horrible start hurt his numbers, but finished with a 13-9, 4.53 mark and a 124/59 K/BB in 161 innings for AAA Durham. Still a decent prospect.

Click here to see the hitters, but a few notes on the pitching prospects he talks about:

  • Garza was ranked #2, same position as Delmon, which is more valuable, a top pitcher or a top outfielder?
  • Wade Davis is underrated on a national and local scale. I would - and did - put him above both Price and McGee for the moment because he's the safest, closest, and most polished pitcher in the minors.
  • How is Niemann going to be an innings eater when he's barely over 5 IP/GS in AAA, particularly when he averaged more IP/GS in 2006 - an injury shortened season?