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Spring Training Battle Royale

In an effort to look at a couple spring training battles, I have decided to present it to you guys in a unique way. A couple of these battles will be pretty intense, and as of right now are basically tossups. Check out the article after the jump, if you are intrigued.

Get excited for February 29th, 2007 as it will be the beginning of a new era. This first day of Spring Training games, will be the beginning of a month-long battle at a couple different positions. This card is so titillating, you can't see it on cable, you can't even see it on Pay-Per-View. The only way to see this spectacular event, is to shell out the $7 to see it in person.


3-Man No Holds Barred Texas Death Match for the Undisputed Backup Catcher of the Rays Title


Shawn "DL" Riggans, Hector Giminez a.k.a. "Lil Lil Pudgito", and Mike Defelice a.k.a. "The Sultan of Squat"


This will be a interesting match to watch progress. Riggans who is known for his bat, was also named the defensive catcher of the year in the International League. Giminez is coming off of a season-long rotator cuff injury, and will try to regain his form this Spring. "The Sultan of Squat" will be in his first match with the Rays without his entourage, "The Hit Show." Defelice has a great glove and could be a good mentor for young Navi, but his use of a weak bat may make Head Referee Joe Maddon throw him out of the ring for use of a illegal weapon. All in all this will be a fun battle for the fans, that will come down to the wire.

Main Event:

Battle Royale for the final 2 spots in the 7-man Bloodbath Event, known affectionately as "The Rays Bullpen."


"Juicy" Juan Salas, Scott "Pillsbury" Dohmann, Grant Balfour a.k.a. "The Thunder from Down Under", Kurt "Red Tag" Birkins, JP "Homerun" Howell, and Gary "The Illusionist" Glover.


With the 5 of the bullpen spots most likely taken by Percival, Reyes, Wheeler, Hammel, and lefty we will acquire via trade, these 6 men will put their careers on the line in a effort to join the mayhem. Glover and Dohmann both have a little something extra on their side, as they are both out of options. Salas is most likely the most qualified of the group, but since he still has options he could start the season in Durham. Kurt will most likely find a red tag in his locker, while nobody knows what JP's future will hold. The best solution may be to trade away either Glover or Dohmann, who are both coming off of strong seasons.

All in all these battles should be very fun to watch, and some of the contestants might change due to trades by the beginning of Spring Training. I sort of threw some of these nicknames together quickly, if you have any personal funny ones, please share.