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Game Reviews or No?

So I'm reading The Big Lead and glance over the comments in an interview post and all of the sudden I run across this:

his take of the future of newspapers and reporters being forced to do blogs is one of the most significant things i've read on TBL in a while that was a great piece.

he's so right about reporters who hate to do blogs (not all, but some). the best/worst example of this is marc tomkin's blog-by-force on the rays in the st. pete times. you can tell by the posts he would rather shove an icepick under his fingernails. and there is ZERO interaction, which is a key element in a blog. tompkin never replies. ever.

it's pretty sad that a couple of guys with no MLB press credentials (rays bloggers) posting from (likely) their apartments can provide and gather more information about the rays for a blog than the beat writer for the tampa bay area's largest newspaper.

one thing newspapers need to realize is that game stories in the next morning's paper should not be about what happened (we already know what happened) but the focus of a game story should be about how the results will effect the immediate future of the team. the story should look forward, not backward.

Which got me thinking; holy hell is the guy a DRB reader? And next I should probably go ahead and settle this game thread / game review debate we've had as a staff.

Honestly I dislike doing game reviews for much of the same reasons he states - you can get that elsewhere however the game threads and previews can provide stuff other sites don't give you - for example last year the P/PA statistic that newspapers and telecasts don't seem to fond on showing.

Poll attached, and there's some stuff coming later today - I think.