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Deadline Approaching for Kazmir & Pena


That meant spending Thursday afternoon in California with agents Greg Genske and Brian Peters going over their case and going through a mock hearing so Kazmir, arbitration eligible for the first time, could get familiar with the sometimes contentious process. "We won,'' Kazmir said.

"All we can do is really prepare ourselves because they have the file and trial policy,'' Kazmir said. "I guess you just gotta go. They made it loud and clear. ...

I wish Kazmir came off a little less like he's obsessed with money and a little more like he actually cares about sticking around.

The Rays have never lost an arb hearing - defeating Esteban Yan and Josh Paul twice in their prior three trips. The team imposed deadline is noon Friday, otherwise it looks like that undefeated streak is in jeopardy - which isn't a bad thing, consider that good players with three plus years of service time get paid more.