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Edwin an Emerald Man?

Not sure how legit the site is, but a few Edwin / Mariner tidbits from Prospect Insider:

The Edwin Jackson deal isn't dead, as the Tampa Bay Rays are still willing to move him, but he's not going to be as cheap as originally hoped.  Seattle may revisit the idea if they miss out on Kuroda and/or Bedard.

The Rays are said to be asking for ready prospects or younger veterans without large contracts at three spots: 2B, C and RP.

Jose Lopez, Rob Johnson, Eric O'Flaherty, Ryan Rowland-Smith and Sean Green make some sense.

Chances of Edwin Jackson being traded to Seattle: 10%

And perhaps more interestingly:

Edwin Jackson, RHP - Tampa is leaning toward using Jackson out of the pen in `08, but they are better off getting one 25-man roster piece in return for him since they have Shields, Garza, Kazmir, Howell and Sonnanstine to round out a strong starting five, and Jackson has never fared well in relief and would cheapen his value should the club look to deal him during the season.

I don't buy into Howell taking a spot from Hammel - out of options - particularly if Jackson is moved into the pen presumably as a longer reliever:

In contention for a spot:
Jackson / Hammel


Also our good pal Jason Collette posted a New Year's resolution list for his fantasy baseball leagues. Stay tuned, tomorrow you'll be seeing more Collette.