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Hendrickson Sees Greener Pastures

I got this link sent to me by my buddy Matt Wilson, who is a big fish fan.

It sounds like a joke.

A Major League Baseball pitcher is in a doctor's office for laser eye surgery.

He has 20-200 vision in his left eye.

The doctor: "You must be relieved to never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again."

The pitcher: "You don't understand, I didn't wear a thing."

The stunned doctor: "Boy, you were fooling some people."

It only sounds like a joke.

Somehow, York County's Mark Hendrickson has pitched in the majors the past five seasons with terrible vision in one eye and only mediocre vision in the other.

I know Mark is no longer a Ray, and many of you may not care about him anymore, but this story was too good to pass up. The incredible part was how well he pitched last season with such awful vision. I wish the best for Mark, as I have met him personally, and he is truly a standup guy, the only problem is that if he saw me again he probably wouldn't recognize me, unless I was blurred out in a episode of COPS.