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DRB Roster Odds

After the jump we examine each of the 50+ players invited to spring training's chances of making the 25 man roster.


LHP Scott Kazmir- No need to expand on this one - the question is whether he pitches like first half Kazmir or second half Kazmir.

RHP James Shields- The new millionare, hopefully he's underpaid for his performance this year.

RHP Matt Garza- No doubt that Garza is our third starter, has some pressure on him after being acquired for Delmon Young.

RHP Andrew Sonnanstine- After the top three Sonnanstine is the best bet to make the rotation, I think he's a lock.

RHP Edwin Jackson- Can't be sent down, but apparently was shopped around this off-season.

RHP Jason Hammel- Out of options as well, not too much to prove in Durham anyhow, probably deserves a chance.

RHP Jeff Niemann- Has an option left and needs to work on durablility issues before joining rotation.

RHP Wade Davis- Minor league camp.

LHP Jake McGee- Minor league camp.

LHP David Price- Maybe in September.

RHP Chris Mason- Minor league camp.


CP Troy Percival- Not much to say here, he's our closer for the next two seasons if healthy.

SU Al Reyes- Was second half due to injury or sudden talent drop?

SU Dan Wheeler- Should bounce back after horrible 2007.

LHP J.P. Howell- Will battle for the lefty reliever spot.

LHP Kurt Birkins- Will battle for the lefty reliever spot.

RHP Juan Salas- Has an option left, one of the better relievers last year.

RHP Grant Balfour- Probably an odd man out.

RHP Scott Dohmann- Showed flashes.

RHP Gary Glover- Could be the team's long reliever, hopefully isn't placed into high leverage situations.

RHP Chad Orvella- Out of options.

RHP Scott Munter- Won't make team out of spring, but a good low key move.

RHP Calvin Medlock- One of the first in line at Durham.

LHP James Houser- Still serving suspension.

RHP Mitch Talbot- One of the first in line at Durham.

RHP Jae Kuk Ryu- One of the first in line to be designated for assignment.


Dioner Navarro- Hopes to build off strong second half.

Mike DiFelice- Veteran + defense = roster spot.

Shawn Riggans- Not dependable.

Hector Gimenez- Durham bound.

John Jaso- Minor league camp.

1B Carlos Pena- Breakout and contract in hand, time to prove doubters wrong.

2B Akinori Iwamura- New position, hopefully same Aki.

SS Jason Bartlett- Defensive wizard.

3B Joel Guzman / Willy Aybar- Nothing is more fun than a good ol' platoon.

3B Evan Longoria- Needs help to make roster.

SS Reid Brignac- Minor league camp.

SS Ben Zobrist- Will compete for reserve infielder role.

SS Andy Cannizaro- Will compete for reserve infielder role.

2B Elliot Johnson- Minor league camp, might get designated for assignment

LF Carl Crawford- Not much to say.

CF B.J. Upton- Will be around here soon.

RF Rocco Baldelli- Can he stay healthy finally?

RF Jonny Gomes- Will platoon with Floyd / Rocco.

RF Cliff Floyd-Will platoon with Gomes / Rocco

RF Justin Ruggiano- One of the first in line at Durham.

CF Fernando Perez- One of the first in line at Durham.

OF Jon Rodriguez- Insurance policy.

OF Chris Richard- Vet presence in Durham.

OF Jon Weber- Vet presence in Durham.