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Meet the Prospect: DJ Jones

Jake Larsen: For those Rays fans who aren't familiar with you, who is DJ Jones?

DJ Jones: I was the Rays' 11th round pick in the 2007 Draft.

JL: You were the Playstation HS Player of the Year in 2007, did you get tons of video games and a PS3 or did you get a trophy?

DJ: Nah. They gave the playstation to my highschool, but I did get a pretty nice trophy.

JL: For those who didn't know much about you, you threw a no-hitter in HS and I believe it was in a playoff game. Why did you choose to be an outfielder over being a pitcher? Better chances of a longer career or did your "tools" profile better as a outfielder than anything else?

DJ: Yeah, I love being on the mound and being in control of the game but I knew outfield would be my ticket to the show.

JL: I've read alot of comparisons between you and Colby Rasmus(a definite Top 20 prospect in the minors), do you believe those comparisons to be true or do you think you have something he doesn't?

DJ: Colby and I are actually good friends, we used to play on the same summer team. It would be hard for me to say I have something that he doesn't because he has just about everything! It's a privilege to be compared to a player of that caliber.

JL: Have you been given any indication what they have planned for you for next season? Short-season/full-season league?

DJ:I have no idea, it just depends on how well I do in the spring.

JL: When you got picked by the Rays, did you have to get wooed to sign or did you think you were going to sign in the long run than go to college?

DJ: Well, They called me at 11:00pm on the first day and threw me an offer that I wasn't about to say no to.

JL: You are another in a long-line of Rays Outfielders who were good football players but decided to play baseball professionally. What made you choose baseball over football?

DJ: I love football, but there is no other sport like baseball

JL: Any "Welcome to professional baseball, kid" stories from Instructs?

DJ: HAHA kinda. I wasn't playing in one of the games and I knew that, so I thought it would be a good idea to go hit in the cage and then hit the showers. So, as I'm taking a shower, one of the trainers comes in and tells me I'm supposed to be the DH. So I ran out of the shower, got my uniform on and as O ran out to the field EVERYBODY was lookin' at me and the coaches were furious. It wasn't funny at the time, but I laugh now.

JL: Any words or quotes that you'd like to leave Rays fans, coaches and everyone else?

DJ: GO Rays, we got a bright future